It's 5 AM Go Home Book by Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla

It's 5 AM Go Home

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Planning a Wedding, Party or Event? Want 5-Star Reviews? Read Michael’s Hilarious, Step-by-Step Guide Book:

It’s 5 AM Go Home

How To Throw Weddings, Parties, and Events SO GOOD, Your Guests Won’t Leave!!

Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla has visited 87 countries in search of the world’s best parties, and as the founder of world-class venue NOVA 535, produced over 2,000 5-Star Weddings and Events. Michael’s first book It’s 5 AM Go Home is a hilarious, step-by-step guide to producing your own amazing, 5-Star, party, wedding or event. Buy Michael’s Book.


“Michael Novilla lives an eventful life, full of events. He has built a premier event venue and business, raising the bar in a competitive industry. In fact, two of the best nights of my life were spent at NOVA 535 – my election and re-election as mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. Those milestones were made extra special because of the venue and the expertise and precision demonstrated by Mike and his team.”

- St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman

“Michael Novilla was born with drive, wisdom, and vision.  A self made, successful entrepreneur. His groundbreaking business ventures have rocked our community.  He knows what it takes to win, how to plan like pro, and he throws such incredibly wild events! We all need to inhale every word of this book!

- Rhonda Shear, Author, TV Star, Comedian, Playmate

“Teaming up with Mike Novilla and his amazing venue of NOVA 535 for over the last 10 years has been one hell of a fun ride.  From hosting events with celebrities and athletes to raising money for multiple charity organizations, NOVA 535 is my go to venue for all the crazy good times we wanted to create.  Mike never hesitated on any of my wild ideas and always wanted to push them even further to ensure the best experience possible for everyone who attended.  From late night 5am skateboarding sessions to driving a $250,000 one of a kind custom Mercedes through the doors of NOVA into my own birthday event, Mike was always about it.  I have hosted and thrown parties on an international level for over 15 years and his venue is unmatched.  The only venue owner I know who wins awards for how awesome his bathrooms are.  It’s both beautiful and wild at the same time.  I’m already looking forward to the next event!”
- Doug Hensel a.k.a. DJ Fresh, Official Tampa Bay Rays DJ President & CEO DJ Fresh Events

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