"Michael Novilla lives an eventful life, full of events. He has built a premier event venue and business, raising the bar in a competitive industry. In fact, two of the best nights of my life were spent at NOVA 535 – my election and re-election as mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. Those milestones were made extra special because of the venue and the expertise and precision demonstrated by Mike and his team." - St. Petersburg Mayor, Rick Kriseman

“Michael’s NOVA parties are legendary for both their enjoyment, and the world class service you get from the NOVA 535 staff. Anyone who is responsible for creating and running high end events should benefit from his ten years of experience in the space.” - Chris Jenkins, CIO Symphony Group

“I first met Michael when I moved to St Pete 12 years ago from Los Angeles and I was immediately struck by the style and vibe he created from a run-down doggie day care into the premiere magical event location for parties, filming, fundraisers and so much more. But beyond the incredible venue NOVA 535, Michael is a visionary and this book is a must read for entrepreneurs, party-goers and party throwers! He is a true friend of epic proportions and defines Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!” - Forbes Riley TV Host, CEO of SpinGym, Award Winning Author/Speaker

“Working with Mike Novilla is always a dream. NOVA 535 a spectacular venue and it always impresses those who attend. Mike and his NOVA team are creative, professional and really know how to make things happen. I couldn’t think of a better person or better place to host an event, shoot a film, have a wedding or any other crazy thing you can come up with.” - Tony Armer, Founder Sunscreen Film Festival

“I’ve used Michael Novilla’s event space for several of my corporate events and every single time I’m treated with professionalism, and urgency to my needs. Quite simply, the man knows how to throw parties! When my customers leave an event hosted at Nova 535 they are always blown away at the impression of the venue. It’s classy but cool, professional but fun, and always way above the norm – like Michael himself.” - Topher Morrison, Author and Public Speaker

“Michael Novilla and his staff at Nova 535 take care of every detail and his creativity is astounding. Michael goes above and beyond (even when) “just” having a corporate party and makes it an event that lives on long after the last guest has gone home.” - Deb McLean, Cox Media Group

“I’ve hosted a very successful party @ Nova 535 for the past 7yrs (since 2012) & working with Michael Novilla has been an awesome experience, he is definitely a young man that is very knowledgeable and experienced in leaving customers & event planners with “the experience of a lifetime”. Thanks Mike!” - Jeff Copeland, Community Strategy Advisor

“I have known Mr. Michael Novilla the owner of Nova 535 both on personal as well as business level for the last 28 years. Michael is not only a good friend of mine or I should say a brother to me and my family but he’s also an outstanding entrepreneur and a businessman. I’ve had several business meetings and big family event at Nova 535 event space in the last ten years and my experience has been by far the best out of any other place I’ve ever done business with. What stands out the most is how classy and beautiful Nova is. The VIP rooms are a must see area. I recommend Nova 535 to everyone who’s looking to have a clean and classy environment for their weddings or business meetings. Nova 535 isn’t your typical 5 star place but it is a 10 star in my book.“ - Amir Ardebily, Founder Amir Academy, Battle of Tampa Bay

“What happens when two driven entrepreneurs cross paths with a common goal to redefine a 5 star experience? The answer is quality, innovation and a bunch of magic in between. Michael Novillas’ venue NOVA 535 has been the home of the award winning Got Jokes Entertainment brand for almost a decade, bringing world class comedy, spoken word, music, dance and specialty acts to the Tampa Bay Area community. Mike’s commitment to the arts has served as a springboard for some of the greatest talent ever produced in the state of Florida. The diversity and breathtaking atmosphere of his venue is the perfect backdrop for moments that will last a lifetime. I love the location so much that two of my closest friends were married there. Mike’s historic venue NOVA 535 is an incubator for dreamers that span from up and coming entertainers to serial entrepreneurs. Some of the most pivotal business relationships I’ve made over the years have been courtesy of Mike’s weekly Entrepreneur Social Club meetup. When Mike gets involved with an event, the only limitation is the customer’s imagination!” - Daniel Jefferson, Founder Got Jokes? Entertainment

“Michael’s vision and creation of NOVA 535 is a destination venue. I have hosted/attended hundreds of events in my life, countless during the decade I spent with The Dali Museum, and I once hosted a birthday party and fundraiser at NOVA. Michael Novilla and his team were world-class in service, and he even allowed us to roller-skate on premise – inside and around an antique Model A Ford! Wow! We had a jazz trio, a rock band, and then a DJ – and, of course, he afforded us the flexibility to extend the party until 5 am so we could keep dancing! NOVA is the place for a memorable experience with flawless execution, as Michael truly understands how to conceive, plan and execute 5-star weddings and events.” - Amy Miller, Consult Amy Miller, Growth Consultant

Mike and I met about 20 years ago while Kickboxing at Amir’s. I’ve worked with him off and on over the past 15. I’ve always been amazed at how he is able to bring people together for worthy causes as well as throw one hell of a event. His creation of the ultimate destination for weddings has been a complete success with each wedding uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each client. From comic book superhero themed weddings to Star Wars weddings. The thing that always impressed me the most about Michael Novilla is all of events that he does for charitable organizations. I don’t know anybody else who has gone to the lengths he has to help others. This guy always has a smile on his face and goes non-stop. Easily one of the most creative and inspiring entrepreneurs I have ever met. Inspires me to do things to the best of my ability. I highly recommend reading anything this gentleman has put into print.” - Tom Shook aka "Dood" WMNF Host of ZentripZ (longest running show at 19 years and counting)

“Michael is the rare person who has not only attended hundreds of parties and events around the world but then started producing them! He has a personal gift for making people feel special and the business grit to take care of the details. His Nova 535 business is the top-rated venue in Tampa / St. Pete. Amazingly he always has his fingers on the “life pulse” of an event. For over 20 years Michael Novilla has been has been a great business consultant to me and now is finally sharing his how-to weddings and event hosting secrets! As he spent 35 years to learn his lessons it’s well worth your time to read his book!” - Drew Edwards, Trustpoint Advisors

“Mike is the King of St. Pete Parties!” - Matthew Stover, NY Times Bestselling Author of "Acts of Caine"

"Part memoir, part instruction manual, part advertising content, Michael Scott Novilla’s It's 5 AM Go Home is a book to charm readers who enjoy contemporary North American middle-class life, particularly in its celebration of salient moments. From the wellwritten pages emerges a highly engaging picture of a man from the mid-west coast of Florida, an entrepreneur and traveler, whose experiences go somewhat beyond the ordinary, although the details of his doings are never over-exposed. The purpose of the book is the revelation of a personal philosophy which the author has constructed, and which he currently exercises in his occupation as a successful and widely known event host. Perhaps the philosophy could be taken as a manifesto of a hedonistically inclined person, were it not for the constant presence of the theme of hard work and application which has influenced Novilla’s life from childhood. Supporting characters spring into immediate life through brief sketches and vignettes, taking transient but vivid place in a text which is presented throughout in a fast-moving, attractive and idiomatic style. The author sets the entrepreneur as a desirable social model, providing “a new operating system for humanity”, and describes the work of an event organizer in considerable and fascinating detail, based on what happens in his own establishment. It's 5 AM Go Home by Michael Scott Novilla is a whimsical and amusing book which, while providing an easy and enjoyable reading experience, also presents material which may generate reflection about our contemporary culture, and strongly supporting the idea that getting together in organized and vigorous enjoyment is no a bad thing for humans to do." - Judith Rook for Readers' Favorite

"Events and parties are the best way to release stress. NOVA 535 is a number one rated venue in St. Pete, Clearwater, and Tampa where parties are thrown and guests don't want to leave. It's 5 AM Go Home: Weddings, Parties, and Events So Good Your Guests Won't Leave by Michael Scott Novilla is the author's unique journey of creating something different and beautiful and which stretches beyond being just a party. This step-by-step guide will take readers on an interesting journey along with the author, the NOVA way, which is exciting, wild, and entertaining. Reading this fun manual will help readers host amazing events, parties, or weddings that are personal, unconventional, and engaging. NOVA 535 is a big place with lots of space both inside and outside where mini atmospheres can be created. The topic is refreshing and original and gives readers tips and tools on how to adopt the NOVA way and give guests and customers complete satisfaction while throwing a party. The personal experiences and stories in the book help readers connect with what the author is trying to convey and understand the NOVA way better. The techniques and strategies in the book will make event planning easier and fun. The author's writing style is simple and elegant, and his fluidity in expression and words give a good pace to the book. A thread of nonchalance and fun run through the book, making it informal and accessible to readers." - Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite